Career and Leadership Coach Tracy Michele Bullock here. Happy to e-meet you.

As I do from time to time, I am opening my calendar this Summer to my fellow Elphie-s for all those who are coaching curious.

If you are a:

  • Manager at present who is feeling a tad bit imposter-y
  • New leader
  • Executive on her way
  • At the top and wondering what's next, or
  • Simply struggling with the management architecture at your currentcompany and needing addional support

Let's talk!

About me:

I am former start up COO, 5 years strong as a career and leadership coach with focus on those in tech, startup, freelance, and the consulting spheres. Many of my clients are right here- in this great community we share.

My process is an indiviualized one -we concentrate on where YOU at, in your current aims while maintaining process towards where you can grow-to!

No generalized course.

Singular attention.

Increased confidence and the experience of self actualized professional success.

Thansk for reading. Good luck all - chat soon!


Tracy Michele Bullock

Choose your time!