Podcast Guests - Looking for Female Founders and Female Investors

We are looking for Female Founders and Female Investors to be a guest on our podcast, The Wild Feather. The Wild Feather Podcast is on a mission to support, inspire and impact others through the journeys of Female Founders and Investors on our podcast! We will learn and seek advice from the obstacles, grit a and lessons these courageous women have faced and overcome while supporting one another on our path of life.On this podcast, we want to share the great, the good, bad and ugly. Let’s face it, the Founder or Investor road isn’t always easy. We will be taking a trip through the journeys of amazing women who are willing to be vulnerable by sharing their stories, getting raw and real in hopes to inspire others.We will cover a wide array of topics from personal life, life balance – what balance?, personal growth, business topics, investing, company growth, challenges, obstacles, products, resources, the female landscape, and spiritual aspects.We are currently recording episodes and will be launching in June. Our episodes will be on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, our website, blog, etc.. and we will be sharing on IG, Tik Tok, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.. If you are interested in sharing your story and inspiring or helping others, here is a calendar link for you to schedule an intro call with me. would love to connect.
@ClaireSiegel @laciccone @Tamsin97 @melissatan @samanthacarow @reena @alyssapetersel are a few of the wondrous women founders on Elpha I could think of who could be good for this!
Thank you. @iynna So kind of you. I greatly appreciate the recommendations.
@iynna appreciate the shoutout! have reached our to Brooke to see whether I could be a good fit for their podcast
Hi Brooke, I'm founder in early stage. If this can work for you. I'm glad to help you.
I would love to have you @angelicaliberato as a guest. I will message you.
Amazing, I just signed up! :)
Yay, I am exctied to speak with you. @sylviagore
Hi Brooke, just booked a slot with you. Looking forward to it!
Hello! I know this is an old post but I thought I would still reach. I will select a date from your calendy link. I would love to chat more about your podcast to see if I would be a good fit. I am a well-being specialist and can speak to mental and physical health etc. My website is Thanks for the opportunity!