Podcast Guests - Looking for Female Founders and Female Investorshttps://thewildfeatherpodcast.com

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@ClaireSiegel @laciccone @Tamsin97 @melissatan @samanthacarow @reena @alyssapetersel are a few of the wondrous women founders on Elpha I could think of who could be good for this!
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@iynna appreciate the shoutout! have reached our to Brooke to see whether I could be a good fit for their podcast
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Thank you. @iynna So kind of you. I greatly appreciate the recommendations.
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Hi Brooke, I'm founder in early stage. If this can work for you. I'm glad to help you.
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I would love to have you @angelicaliberato as a guest. I will message you.
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Amazing, I just signed up! :)
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Yay, I am exctied to speak with you. @sylviagore
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Hi Brooke, just booked a slot with you. Looking forward to it!