Pivoting a Parenting Meet-up App During a Pandemic!https://www.jointhetroop.com/pods

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Hey Chelsey! I'm tagging @prathimarao — you both are working in the helping-parents space and maybe you'd enjoy a conversation with each other! See Prathima's intro here: https://elpha.com/posts/4zecbg2i/july-2020-new-member-welcome-thread-introduce-yourself-in-the-comments#xf5n2366
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Thank you for the intro @teresaman! @Chelsey nice to meet you! We definitely share the common goal of making parenting easier :). We are putting together a pandemic resource hub for parents on our platform and would love to feature your app. Let's connect!
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@Chelsey @prathimarao I love what you’re both building! We recently entered the parenting space with our app (www.lumhaa.com/app) as well, where we help parents create “memory jars” to do 3 things:1. Watch their babies grow by adding a photo a day into the memory jar and sharing the jar’s secret link with others to see/add memories (photos, videos, sounds, and note)2. Parents of graduating students are creating a “life yearbook” with a visual timeline of the most important accomplishments and milestones of their proud graduates3. Parents are collecting wishes from friends and family via secret links for “birthday wish jars” and ordering physical versions as gifts. The physical versions come with QR codes that once scanned, video messages from friends and families are played, making it interactive and fun.I’d love to join in on the conversation in case any of this is of interest, and learn more about your journeys!
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In San Francisco this has been circulating as well. www.pandemicpods.org
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What a great resource Chelsey! Am definitely going to check it out and recommend for my parent friends. Also going to PM you about an org I'm working with in the edtech space that would be a good partner for things to do in your pod that are educational :)