Convenience store and Gas station Owners

Hi Elphas. Do you know anyone that owns a convenience store or gas station or chain? I would really appreciate any intros. We create websites for them to sell their products online with delivery and online lottery (with commissions). US, UK, Global. Cheers [email protected]

Hi! I sadly do not know of anyone directly, but a good place to look for is people who run search funds ie. they acquire "boring but EBITDA positive/generating" businesses (think plumber, construction etc.) and run them when initial owners are seeking an exit or even retirement. So with that I think that gas station / convenience stores owners would fit the bill!
Upon reading this, my first thought was actually "Bodegas" -- Find, like Iynna said, search funds for companies like that, but narrow it down to NYC/Boroughs -- I have yet to go to New York, but there are a ton there.They might be open to it, might now, but it was definitely my first thought.