What are some questions you'd like to ask a Product Manager?

I'm going to be doing an interview with a group of seasoned (all women) Product Managers in 2 days.

What are some questions you've always wanted to ask?

Think of this as an AMA.

Even if it's, "I've been trying to transition to a PM role for the past year with zero luck! What am I doing wrong?!"

What do you wanna know ladies?

This is so fun and thank you for asking us all! Here's a few for you - thinking about transitioning into PM as someone who is non technical, what are your favourite resources to get up to speed and learn about the role of PM? - followup from question 1: what's the best way to prepare for PM interviews? - PMs can mean a lot of different things across organisations and even within orgs as it largely depends on the product, what's the best way to learn about each of the different PM roles?- when on the job, what's the best and quickest way to be accustomed to the product?- what skillsets and experiences make the best PMs? Here's a few elphas who have expressed an interest in product @chichiwu @xiaoxiqi @Nyero @reneef @lostlea @Raineyj @JulieCampos @meggallagher @sushmithasatyabrata and they may have questions for you/the group you'll meet!
Good questions! Adding them to the list!
Hey everyone,With 20 years in the military, a background & MA in Logistics, a soon-to-be-completed MBA, and some cool Google certs, I'm trying to decide if I should dive headfirst into Product Management and could use some pro insights!A few questions on my mind:1. Military & PM: The military taught me discipline, leadership, and adaptability. How've these played out in your PM journeys?2. Logistics to PM: Ever find logistics-style thinking helpful in your product strategies?3. Data vs. Intuition: With the data boom, how do you balance numbers with gut feelings in product decisions?4. Women in PM: Got any standout moments in your PM career where being a woman played a big role?5. Keeping Up: The tech world changes fast. Any new techniques or tools you've picked up recently that are game-changers?Warm Regards,Jackie
Love it! Adding them to the list!
I'm a director of marketing with more than ten years' experience. I'm pretty sure I could transition to product marketing pretty smoothly; what about product management? Can you think of any way for me to give it a test drive even though I'm quite far into my career? I'm considering a lane change of some kind, but I'm not sure it's what I want.
Oooh, interesting indeed! Adding it to the list!