Hello I just launched my MVP I would love for you to check it out.https://echoher.com/

Hey Lynda, firstly congrats!I have some comments but need to say that as a WOC, I'm extra invested in your success. The font on the website is quite small, and I would make it a bit bigger. Some of the pictures are blurry and I would change that The yellow text against the white can be difficult to read.The main thing that I thought was, "I've read the site, but what is it actually?" and who is it for? I love the images, but I wondered if the site was specifically targeting black women? If yes, I wouldn't be a customer. I also didn't get why I should join and what the value would be for me to join this network in addition to the other networks I'm in (e.g. Elpha) essentially, what makes you unique didn't stand out to me.