Tax implications for a US citizen working for a Canada-based startup?

Hello Elpha community, quick question for anyone who may have been in my position before- I'm an American citizen (living in U.S.) working at a startup (team of 6) that's based in Canada, and this coming April 2021 is the first time I'll be paying taxes while employed by them. When I joined I signed an Independent Contractor agreement, (even though I'm "salaried" and treated by my company like a FTE). I'm assuming that even though my company is Canadian, I'll still be seen in the eyes of the US government as an independent contractor, and that I'll still do the same tax filing that I've done in the past in a similar situation where the startup was US-based.Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything glaringly obvious here...any help is appreciated! Thank you!
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Oo - I don't have insights other than some resources. And I think it gets more tricky if you also reside in Canada (which I'm not sure if you do).In any case - some resources here:
Thank you!!