Looking for testers for our career tracking and coaching app

My story. I'm a career professional (mostly lawyer and non-tech general counsel), mom of 3 young adult men and 1 small dog, and a first gen lawyer (mom from Argentina). I decided to try to make a dent in bias against women by helping early and mid- career professinal women with a low cost tool. My career CTO decided to help me...right around the start of the pandemic.

Our tiny team has created a career tracker and coaching app that's currently FREE to use. With chea seed (our product name: chea = career helping expert app), small efforts help you get a competitive advantage, write killers self-assessments, and make smarter choices.

The app is gamified. The more a user adds entries (like Accomplishments and Shoutouts) and stays on schedule with learning, the more xp and FREE use they earn. There's no subscription or commitment.

In July, we're releasing our Self-Assessment Creator. I'd love to have smart, hustling women like you use the app and create entries now so you can really put our Self-Assessment Creator to the test (it will also work without entries, but it won't be as personalized).

You should earn plenty of xp by adding entries, but here's a code for 200 xp for a boost (xp never expire, but the code expires June 30, 2023): elphaJune23.

I hope you'll give it a try.

Thanks for reading,


This app is very cool! I love that it’s like a game. The sounds interrupt my music simultaneously and I can’t figure out how to disable the sounds. That’s my only complaint. I am excited to keep playing with this. Thank you for sharing!
Next iteration (I hope before the holiday)...thanks to you for your feedback!
What a great idea, thanks for sharing! Your name twin,Giselle
Thank you for being open to it. Love the name-twin!Please share with others if you think of it. I am finding that we appeal to women who already budget!
Thanks for sharing! I've just downloaded it and will definitely be using it and sharing feedback here. Cheers :)
Fantastic. I'm very eager for people to try the self-assessment creator. As a career GC, I wish everyone at my old company had this. It's so hard to talk yourself up and find your career path...
This app is making the process of talking myself up and thinking about my career needs fun! I wish it had some different wording to include job searchers a little more. I'm not currently in a position looking to advance, mostly just get my foot in the door. But I was able to note my accomplishments and reframe my "work successes" using companies like Coding Student and Caregiver. Reminding myself being Parent Liaison i.e. managing a team of 30 (parents) to deliver a product (appreciation gift basket *3) on time in 2 weeks is a transferable skill and accomplishment.
Great feedback. We'd like to get to search too. Baby steps. Thank you.
Thank you for making chea. I am having a lot of fun using it. I recently finished a react-native app as my capstone project and it's fascinating to see another way more professional mobile application in an evolving state.
Looks great so far, but the offer code doesn’t seem to work?
Hmm. Please email me. And, others have used it successfully today (and before today). I'm [email protected]. Note that it is cap sensitive.
Looks like you got it to work!
Yes! All good now, thank you. I’m enjoying the app.
downloaded! looking forward to trying it out.
Great. Thank you.