Hello Everyone!

My name is Breen Sullivan and I am a tech lawyer turned Founder of The Fourth Floor, an online, subscription-based marketplace and community focused on board and investment opportunities for women and on-demand board and executive talent and support for startups and companies that care about DE&I.

We have over 550+ companies (99% women-led startups) and over 1440+ board-ready women and 100 investors and women-led funds in our ecosystem. We are women lifting up other women, often to great effect!

Founders, come join our new AI-powered platform to build out your advisory and governing boards with board-ready women with deep expertise in a variety of fields, as well as find talent, community and funding opportunities in the Back Room Investment Club.

Board-ready women and aspiring angels/LPs, come join us to advance your board and investment career.

Use code: ELPHA25 to receive 25% off any membership through the end of the year!

Thank you for posting Breen! Just as an FYI and housekeeping note, I deleted the duplicate post and consolidated here :)