Interested in Mentoring? Apply to First Round’s Fast Track Mentorship Program!

First Round Capital launched applications for our next Fast Track Program, a 3-month mentorship experience! We match seasoned startup leaders with startup employees from September 4th through November 24th for a 1:1 experience. Mentorship pairs meet every other week over the course of the three months — 6 times total. After running this program 14 times, it’s grown into one of the premier experiences that we craft at First Round. 🎉

Apply to be a Mentor by 8/4 to get in on this mentorship magic! You can read more and apply here!

Kudos for the initiative and the tradition you've built! This is such an effective program, on so many levels, nicely done!
Big fan of this program and first round overall! Kudos to you and team @sarahec