New Cohorts Launching For What's Next in your Career (FREE)

Almost 2 years into COVID & the world around us has dramatically changed. Especially the way we look for What's Next in our careers & what really matters. It’s no longer just about re-writing our resumes!

In light of this, The Peppercorn Institute has launched Discovery: A 4-week online program to support you in finding a more fulfilling career for you!

Guidance through a proven process:

  1. Clarity - Articulating and owning who you are
  2. Picking a Path - Learn better ways to research and evaluate your options
  3. Past Experiences - Compile your past experiences into a story
  4. Marketing Portfolio - Create your story for the right role
  5. Research & Network - Insights on connecting to find What’s Next

Learn more & apply NOW (Limited spots available)

Discovery provides the structure and accountability you need to make the breakthrough progress you’ve been struggling to achieve on your own while fitting into your busy schedule.

Cost: Free!

Program Commitment: JUST 4 weeks

Live workshops: 1 hour a week (scheduled time)

Exercise Completions: 4 - 6 hours a week (at your own time)

Expected Outcomes: (Based on allotting enough time to complete the exercises)

  • Develop a better understanding of yourself: values, personality, and more
  • Clearly define what you want from your next ideal position
  • Learn an effective process to thoughtfully design your path to pick your next move
  • Build lasting relationships with others on the journey to What’s Next
  • Learn how to effectively use career resources to help you achieve your goals

In 4 weeks, you will develop clarity & confidence to be able to tell your story to network to What’s Next!

Apply and choose your group session timings here!

The next Cohort starts on March 11!

I look forward to supporting you in your journey &, having clarity on What's Next!


urvi (Chief Coach & Founder)

Unleash Minds & Transform Lives

PS: The program has been proven over the past years. However, our technology is still in the beta stage. Hence, we are currently offering this for free for a limited as we work through building out the technology. Your participation and feedback will be very appreciated along with patience with the technology :)