Looking to hear about your experiences with technical interviewing!https://forms.gle/EYCaYNxdJu467FR5A

Hi Elphas!I am working on a startup to support women with technical interviews as they pursue software development roles. I am looking to connect with women who are looking for or are currently in software development roles to hear about your experiences with technical interviewing! I am excited to hear about all of your experiences, regardless of whether you just graduated from college or are a self-taught developer looking to make a change in your career.The research involves a short survey (https://forms.gle/EYCaYNxdJu467FR5A) and a 20-30 minute coffee chat about your experiences with technical interviewing and the software dev job search! A little about myself - I am currently in CS graduate student at UIUC looking at how tech impacts access for different communities! Throughout college and grad school, I've worked with organizations to support women from a variety of educational backgrounds as they navigate software development careers. Personally, I have had to piece together experiences in CS that reflect my personality and interests and I want to help others do the same by removing barriers to access!If you would be willing to chat with me, please fill out the form above! If you have any questions, pop them below or DM me!Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to meeting some of you!
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I filled it out. I hope you share some of what you learn back with us!
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Thanks so much for taking part in this! I'll make sure to ask participants if they are okay with having their data shared in aggregate and if so, happy to share!