Burnout is blocking us from career growth

After surviving almost 15K women in tech, statistics says burnout is forcing people to quit early to preserve health, I'm feeling furious because systematic workplace problems are getting in the way of us advancing careers and potentially getting into positions of power. How do you handle this? Do you think can change, if so, how?

I think this represents the deep psychological costs of continuing to fight for seats at tables that were never meant to serve us and banging our heads against glass ceilings only to find more of the same on the other side. As a corporate escape coach with almost a decade in tech I know how entrenched these systems are and so it's hard to be hopeful.What I do know is that it's hard to make advancements (it title, power, or earnings) when your professional identity has been ravaged by burnout and imposter syndrome. Most of my clients come to me wanting help making a transition, avoiding lateral moves, etc. But we soon find that the lion's share of the meaningful work is around healing from workplace trauma. So my advice? If you're a woman in tech and you're burned out do not immediately flip the job hunting switch without doing some serious introspection. If you can buy yourself a little time (while still cashing that soon-to-be-former employer's) paycheck, try to take a more measured approach. Lastly, if anyone is reading this and thinking "omg that's me!" I'd be happy to send you a resource I created (it's free) to help guide you through this important transition.! Just drop me a DM and I'll send it to you.
Yes please! It would be amazing to have some good advice on being brave right now, thank you!
You're so welcome! Here's the link:'s a self-guided course called The Resignation Revolution and I would love to hear from you once you've worked through it (or if you have questions along the way!)
This is exactly why I left my corporate career in my 30's & started my own business as a self-rescue coach, author & speaker for worn out working wonder women! :) And, there actually IS a way live, love, lead & work without sacrificing your soul, sanity or health in the process & a lot of it has to do with how we as women are showing up in the world. This is one of the reasons why I use the Enneagram personality system in my coaching, so that we can determine what self-sabotaging patterns or behaviors could be contributing to the problem. I also teach women how to work smart & set better boundaries with their time, energy, value & worth. With these things in place you can start turning the lemons of our patriarchal culture into lemonade. And, rather than getting externally angry, I would invite you to channel that anger inward to be a catalyst for change & self-rescue that shows other women how to stand in your power without sacrificing yourself in the process! If you'd like to assess what might be standing in your way & explore what self-rescue could look like for you, you can sign up for the complimentary Self-Rescue Toolkit I offer at: Big hugs & let me know if there's anything I can do to support you my friend! :)