How to tell if you're close to burning out?

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Hi there! I love this. My team is building a community around wellness for tech workers. Would love to talk with you about your experience and what you’re doing about it. Maybe a webinar panel at some stage when we get to that? Would you be interested in having a chat?
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Hi Larissa! That sounds so interesting. Yeah, I would love to talk with you, my email is mars at
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Hey @marsnegrette, your story and motivations deeply resonate with me - thank you so much for sharing. I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go through such a difficult experience but think it's amazing that you've been able to come out the other side and devote yourself to giving back and supporting others. In doing so, you've created something incredibly beautiful and enriching out of your suffering - I really hope you're proud of all you've achieved to get to this point. Feeling inspired and humbled and will definitely check out the quiz!
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Omg you words are just magical, thank you so much! It means the world to me to being able to help a little bit. It was not an easy path but now I'm so grateful to had been through it.
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Love this tool! I saw it on product hunt.
Hi there, thank you for sharing your story- it definitely resonated with me. What advice do you have for someone experiencing burn out and how to get better?
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I would consider taking the time to reflect and do the things that bring you joy . Think about the things that make you happy. Being more present has helped in my experience. Happy to connect.
Well, that was a wakeup call. I thought I had a handle on my burnout but... apparently not. (And perhaps 'having a handle on' burnout is wildly unrealistic in the first place!)
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I love that you created this! I experience burnout a few years back and it significantly changed my life. I couldn't believe it, years later when I learned that other countries actually recognize it as a real illness and have processes in place for helping employees who experience burnout. Such an important topic. Just gave you an upvote. :)
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We've been talking about this a bit at work (love your tool @marsnegrette! It's been wonderfully helpful.) Curious if the impact of having kids was one of the factors you might be looking at eventually, it was something that came up today as having a big impact on potential recovery time that's not really acknowledged in a lot of conversations about workplace burnout.