Ruth Bader Ginsburg's gone, what do we do now??!!

Hi All,We lost an icon. Somebody who fought relentlessly to stand for what she believed in passionately. WOMEN'S EQUAL RIGHTS. A right to not only be part of this tech world and show up with power but also to choose what we do with our bodies.RBG's death has tremendous implications: we lost a Supreme Court Justice. The vacuum is huge; it means we are at the precipice of deciding how we want to live going forward. Do we think that gay marriage should be legal? Do we think trans folks should be given decent basic human rights? Do we think it’s time to debate about violence towards the black community or that "all lives matter"? Do we think climate change is real? These are matters that have both sides standing strong holding their own opinion. The balance is what keeps us fighting for what’s right, but what if the game is rigged and biased? That’s what we are facing now: Authoritarian vs Democratic government.Do you know what Democracy means? It means we show up! Not the Senate, or the people in the parties, the President, or the Justices. It’s you and me! I am ready to fight - are you? Here is what I ask of all of you super amazing, powerful ladies:VOTE!!!!! - Please register to vote and vote. Don’t underestimate your power here. Check your voter’s registration, even if you’re confident you have it. Maybe you moved, maybe you changed your address. Check to make sure you are ready to go, and do it now. GIVE SOMETHING TO THE CAUSE - We all have plenty to give! Here are a few things to think about: Money: If you are financially stable, this is the simplest thing to do. Choose an organization that is doing what you think needs to be done and donate there.TIME: Honestly I am so pleasantly surprised by how many young men and women are coming out and organizing. Join an organization and give one hour of your time a week! I do this, and it’s an amazing feeling.(eg : Are you good at marketing? Analytics? Organization? Communication? Can develop a super cool website?! Do it! Reach out and help these organizations do better at whatever they are doing.RELATIONSHIP: We all can influence - trust me!! There is definitely that 1 person who will listen to you. Use it! Even if they don’t, what the hell, it’s worth a try. Convince 5 people by end of this month to vote.PROMOTE- If only I had 300K followers! No, honestly it doesn’t matter. Look at me, I am a nobody right now, but I am going to use my voice and this platform (Thank you @Cadran) to speak up. Because it matters now more than ever. Here is my bit of impulsive, energized, actionable advice, and ask: Let’s not give up! Let’s take up RBG’s baton and pass on the legacy. We women cannot let our democracy crumble.inspired by AOC:
Also, a follow up on its a 1 hour per week commitment, all you need to do is show up in an action hour and you will be trained and given all the resources to make change happen! Isnt that Amazing :D Post below if you know more such organizations!