Top 4 Tips and Tricks to Increase B2B Sales Leads

Generating new leads for your business isn’t an easy task, especially for B2B companies. You need to have an enticing offer, know exactly how quickly your customers will get a return on their investment, and make sure they understand your products and services and the benefits of working with your brand.

In this article, we’ve prepared an actionable guide of 4 easy ways you can quickly increase the number of sales leads.

Invest in social selling

Focusing on social media is not just a great way to increase brand awareness and build a loyal following, it’s also an efficient way to generate leads. Social platforms allow you to present your product and services, talk about your brand and give your audience insight into your processes, goals, and values.

The trick is knowing which platforms to utilize. LinkedIn is a great choice for B2B companies. It allows you to quickly reach out to people from specific industries, even companies. That means that LinkedIn’s algorithm isn’t doing a lot of guesswork – like Instagram or Facebook metrics.

With LinkedIn, you can reach out to qualified prospects and promote your products and services directly to them. Seeing how ads are sent to people’s inboxes, you can personalize your message in order to have a greater impact.

Personalization can help you not just generate more leads, but also sell more. Research shows that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide them with personalized content, offers, and recommendations.

Start your LinkedIn marketing campaign by editing your company page. Make sure all the information is correct and up to date and follow relevant people in the industry. Then start engaging with opinion-makers in the industry in order to gain further credibility.

After that, work on your content strategy. Make engaging content that brings actual value to your audience. Don’t just write promotional posts about your brand.

Once you’ve set the stage, you can start creating ads. LinkedIn is a pricey platform, especially in comparison to Instagram and other social media but the value you get in return is great.

This is the best platform for finding qualified leads as well as communicating with specific people in the selected companies.

Create a Smarketing team

Joining your sales and marketing team doesn’t just make sense, it increases your sales. A lot of companies struggle with aligning their marketing efforts and sales processes. That’s a huge shame because the goals of these two teams are the same – increase revenue.

Think about your sales content – is it highlighting the benefits of your products and services, does it incentivize people to perform a certain action, and is it up to date?

Give your current sales funnel content to your marketing team and let them do their magic. Make sure to get the newest data from your customer success team and use that insight in shaping your messaging.

That way, you’ll have a better shot at attracting qualified leads and more time to focus on closing sales.

Take SEO seriously

Having your site ranking high on search engines can help you increase the number of leads as well as the number of sales. The easier it is for people to find you, the more your traffic will increase. People have a lot of faith in the Google algorithm so once you rank high, it increases your authority and people’s trust in your brand.

Now that we covered the importance of SEO, let’s jump into the strategies you can use to get your page a good ranking. You’ll need to combine on-page and off-page strategies. The first one includes processes you can do on your site in order to make it rank better.

On-page optimization includes keyword implementation, content optimization, and speed optimization.

On the other hand, off-page SEO includes processes aimed at other pages, such as link building, email and social media marketing, and more.

Our tip is to use a mix of these strategies in order to have a well-rounded SEO strategy. That way, you’ll attract more qualified leads and you’ll quickly get them to the checkout page. A huge benefit of SEO that people don’t talk about a lot, is that people don’t trust ads. With research showing that nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads that appear in search results, it’s clear to see that investing in an SEO strategy is far more important than PPC campaigns.

Your SEO strategy won’t bring results overnight, as PPC might, but in the long run, your search engine optimization will help you keep existing customers as well as attract new ones.

SEO can also help you spread in your local market. Make sure to optimize your Google My Business account and regularly update your content like – open hours and more.

Utilize content marketing

Guess what? Content is still king.

Content marketing entails a marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract new and retain existing customers. It’s effective because it’s focused on what your customers would like to read and watch, instead of being purely promotional.

Many companies love to use content marketing because it creates opportunities for their potential clients to find them and learn about the brand, products, and services. The more content you place out there, the better your chances are that your customers will learn about your company straight from you.

Other than spreading brand awareness, content marketing is great for every step of your sales funnel, generating leads, creating brand loyalty, and increasing your sales. The important thing is knowing your audience and focusing on them every step of the way.

Create your content strategy based on what your audience wants, needs, and expects. Create helpful blogs, podcasts, videos, newsletters, social media posts, and any other type of content they might enjoy.

Make sure to always keep checking the engagement and performance of your content in order to make sure your audience is enjoying it.


Our actionable guide will help you not just generate leads, but also increase sales. The more effort you put into the quality of your products and services as well as the content you’re pushing out, the more your audience will trust you and recommend you to their friends.

The article is originally published on Callbox - The Savvy Marketer

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