Got a client a Live On Camera Interview at Bloomberg TV: The Close

This win was back in April, but I must remind myself of the amazing things I can do!

I'm a publicist for a commercial real estate firm and green tech companies. I focused really hard on working with a booking producer at Bloombert. After almost 10 emails, I broke through and scored the interview. The interview starts at 1:44:05.

What's funny is that the opportunity came on a day that was one of the worst days in my personal life. Regardless, the experience was seamless, and the client was super excited!

Congratulations (though I hope you are okay, since you mentioned this happened on one of the worst days of your personal life :( ) !What was the process to get to Bloomberg? personal connection or relentless cold outreach? :) And how does one get Bloomberg interested in doing a segment? In any case this is really neat!
Hi Iynna! So as a publicist I have access to booking or segment producer's email. It was all cold outreach. I just made sure I proposed segments that were timely. You can also find them on LinkedIn and call their headquarters. it took me like 3 to 4 emails for the segment producer to give me a call back.And yes, I'm much better now!
Wow you're so efficient! I have to be honest, I am not really familiar with the role of a publicist, is it similar to a speaker's agent for instance?
OMG congratulations!šŸŽ‰ how did the interview go? Have you seen any surprisingly results?
Hi, Alisson! OMG IT WAS AWESOME! The client I represent is a natural on camera, so the segment went out without a hitch! The client is focused on reputation and exposure, which can then lead to sales. They want to be sought-after leaders in their industry a and we certainly achieve that! We got a second opportunity to be on Surveillance last month, but sadly their schedule didn't match and we lost the opportunity to be on camera for a second time this year.
Very glad to read that it went well! šŸ˜Š