What to ask during annual review

Hello! My first annual review is tomorrow. I've come a long way and am super proud of my achievements. Last week I scored a 10-minute live on-camera interview on a 24-hour business TV news network. What should I expect, and what questions could I ask them in return?

I'm in public relations, and this is the second agency I've been in since I changed careers from real estate to public relations.

Has your job given you any idea what to expect from the annual review? If so, make sure you're prepared to be responsive to anything you know they'll cover.Otherwise, I would put together a "greatest hits" list of things you've done over the last year. Focus on the impact to the business. So for example, for your on-camera interview, the win isn't "secured 10-minute live on-camera interview"; it's whatever tangible business impact followed from the interview, like inbound customer leads or a measurable increase in brand recognition.I would also develop a high-level hypothesis for what kinds of projects you'd like to work on moving forward. You may or may not have much of a say here, depending on your company's culture and financial circumstances, but this is a good opportunity to "zoom out" and help your manager understand what really energizes you. You can bring up specific projects you think you'd be a good match for or focus on a general flavor of thing you love working on (this can be anything, from working on more broadcast pieces to telling customer-centric stories to working on integrated campaigns with a social media and marketing component).