Launching Product Community — Berlin

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Hi Amina,Nice initiative.I'm a Senior Product from Berlin. Will this be an online community and online meetings? (as we are still in corona times)I started filling your form, but it feels strange I'm forced to choose 4 sub-communities and I feel there are only 1 or 2 that are relevant to me.and since we are talking about Germany, can you provide more info on what will you do with the data you're collecting?
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Hello Adva, I'm a digital marketing specialist looking to transition in product management. Can I send you a dm?
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@advabendov Thank you for your interest. Yes, we are planning to host virtual meetings until things normalize. You are right - the idea was never to have you select all 4 sub communities, rather pick at least one. We just updated the link. Lastly, our goal is to have your email as a way to engage with you about the program. We will not be sharing it with any third parties. This is meant to a small private circle environment. Once you are accepted in a cohort, with permission, we will share and introduce peers via email, slack..etc. hope this answers your questions.
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Hi Amina, this sounds interesting! I am a creative producer based in NY and looking to move back to my home, Berlin. As I am looking to move into product, I wanted to see if you would be open to also including our producer-y kind into your circle.
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Hi Sandra, good luck with the move. I would suggest applying via the link provided and sharing as much detail as possible. We are seeing a trend around transitioning into product from other disciplines or after MBA hence, it could very much become new a sub community.
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Hi Amina, just letting you know that the typeform cannot be accessed because it is private. Good luck!