Second Follow-up Email ?

Hi, I recently got accepted into a master's program and submitted my resume on Handshake early April. I was then contacted by a department associate who wanted to find out when I would be needing the GAR position and whether I would be on campus because she really wanted me to apply. She informed me that the position would be posted in May and that I should apply then. By the third week of May, I noticed the job was not listed and made the decision to send a follow-up email restating my interest in the position. She emailed me a couple of days later informing me that she had just posted the job position and will only have it up for a week. I applied immediately. I still have not heard from the department. I guess my question is; would it be okay if I send another follow-up email to see whether the position is still available? Will I seem too aggressive or anxious if I do?

I am anxious cause this position may cover half of my tuition.

Absolutely follow up. I think they dropped the ball with the May deadline IMO.A note such as "per our discussion, I have submitted the application for _____________. I want to express my continued interest in this MBA program. Specifically, I'm confident I can make an impact in the following ways: ________________________.. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you @ritapalanjian! I will definitely email her.