Struggling to Land a Full-Job after Graduating with an M.S.

Since graduating from Columbia in August of 2022, I have struggled to land my first full-time role. I studied Sports Management and Entrepreneruship at Florida International University (B.A.) then immediately enrolled in the Sports Management program at Columbia Univeristy (M.S.). During my time there, I quickly discovered I wanted to transition into the VC space and landed a Summer Analyst position at TXV Partners, a firm focused on superior software and human performance investments. At 23, I am choosing to pivot into a lucrative career without the traditional "VC" background. Apart of me feels it is very important to gain further experience working with a startup, as well. My domain of expertise lies within the health, wellness, human performance and sports industries but would happily love to expand my horizons.

Nonethless, if you have ever been on the job search and began to feel hopeless, made promises that were never kept or feel like your overly applying to positions, how did you overcome this barreir?

I don't have a mentor but would love to gain one or a few in the comments who would happily share their stories, individuals in the network or opportunities they have found in the new year.

Happy New Year Elpha Family