Looking to build partnerships with companies for upcoming business incubator for minorities!

Hi, I'm the new Program Manager for a super innovative (WOMAN OWNED & OPERATED:-)...We're really proud of that) startup co-working community/space in Louisville, Ky. As we're gearing up to start our new incubator for minority owned businesses, we're looking to partner with companies that can help with funds and resources for these business owners. As we push our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts we will also be looking for service providers and mentors. So if you have the time and you're an expert in your field, we'd be glad to have you on board as we build this program out. So to sum it all up...I'm looking for companies to partner with, funds(sponsorship), service providers, mentors and resources. Think you can help? GREAT! Inbox me!
This is rad! Would love to talk partnerships and see if/how i can support. Im a fractional COO for women-run startups, and can help them scale their early-stage startup!
Hi Cherena, I'd love to talk about providing a scholarship to work in my founder Q4 cohort. Message me! :-)