Interested in trying a new way to make friends this year?

As I'm sure for many of you, 2023 was a rough year. I moved, shut down a venture, and tried to make new friends. None of the existing apps worked for me and even going to meet-ups, it's been hard to find people who are in the same stage of life and looking for the same type of friendships.

So I'm taking a risk and launching something that I personally have been wishing existed. Nomie will be the first friend-making app focusing on getting people together IRL faster without awkward swiping or small talk that goes nowhere. We use an AI concierge to learn about you and match you with both people and activities to do.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up here:

We're launching in a few select cities but then plan to expand rapidly!

ooh cool!
@sarahing check this out!!
Same, apps are just not cutting it. Im very interested in learning more about what you are building
Interesting! What a fun idea.
Thanks to all who have signed up or reached out so far - makes me really excited to see where I can take this!
signed up!
Hey, I've just sent an email to the address on your website as I'm working on something similar and would love to chat :)
This sounds amazing!