Lets meet to be friends- Are you in LA, Orange County or Long Beach?

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for friends in the LA or Long Beach, CA area. A bit about me: 37, Virgo, Product Manager, Reader of Book, Fan of Films, Creative, Not on Social Media, Kickboxing, Long walks, Long conversation, Spiritual, Originally from Brooklyn, NY, in a Long term relationship, Do not watch shows often, prefer to spend time together chatting about all kinds of topics. How about you?

Looking for human beings that care about developing friendships that are not activity based but relationship based- simply relating with each other about life on a regular basis.

I know that a lot of people in their 30s lack friends, lets take steps to make friends AND prioritize them.

Email me [email protected]

We can do a zoom friend date first 😊 and then hopefully meet in person 💜💜💜

Also welcome your opinions about friendship in your 30s+ on this post. Please share what you think in the comments.

i love this so much, Anna! we need the same on the east coast! @lindsayliu is moving! Else @KristinaRettig, my amazing colleague and fellow CM @MichelleFuentes, @laurenharvey, @laciccone @annamiller @MitziBenavides @lauralopez @amygong @Zak @kellysnyder @elisabethtuttass @lisaliu222 @sarahganzman @aoguratraxler
thanks for tagging me, @iynna! Wow, look at all of us LA folks. I am excited to strengthen my LA friend group, and all of what you said sounds amazing. Are you closer to Long Beach? I'm in West LA and am personally trying to find people who live nearby. I have a bunch of friends in the OC, East LA, the valley, and further, but we can only see each other with a lot of advanced planning due to traffic.I think the biggest thing regarding making and sustaining friendships in your 30s is finding like-minded people who are also within a reasonable distance from where you live/work. LA doesn't have a lot of third spaces, so meeting halfway can get pricey quickly, or someone needs to be willing to spend a lot of time combating traffic.I work for a startup and it's our busy season. Outside of that, I spend a lot of time with my long-term partner and our dog. I enjoy reading (a lot! I read sci-fi, fantasy, and business books, mostly), hiking, exploring new neighborhoods, trying new restaurants as well as staples, and just lounging around. I used to bike a lot, so I'm looking to get back into biking this year, probably on the strand.Anyway, looking forward to hopefully meeting up with some of y'all!
Hey!I'm also in my 30s living in West LA looking to make new friends. I moved out to LA during covid with a WFH job, so finding a new community locally has been really rough!One of my goals for 2024 is to find more of a local community.
Of course Laura!! We have even more, these were the ones I had handy but i'll keep adding so you can hopefully expand this group!!!
Hi! I’m Lauren, 30, PM by day, travel advisor by night. I live in the Central Coast but visit LA often as I have friends down there (grew up in Pasadena, went to high school in Claremont). I’d love to jump in a zoom friendship call and stay in the loop for any in person meet ups!
a zoom friendship, i LOVE this :')
Hi @annamiller! that sounds like a great idea and I'm in! I don't live in LA but in SB county, I spend most of my time in Pasadena but sometimes go to LA and I'm always up for meeting new people :-). I work for a startup in women's health that I'm passionate about.Not 30, but 40s+ if I can join the club and learn from you and also the other women who would like to join.Let's schedule a zoom friendship call with @laciccone, @laurenharvey, @iynna and everybody else. :-)
I'm in SLO county! Could totally meet up somewhere in SB County sometime if you're interested!
I love this! I am in West LA and would LOVE to meet some peeps in person (and/or zoom to kick things off)! I love to read (non fiction), hike, cook, bake, walk by the beach and exercise. I know traffic in Socal is a pain but I am so down to make the drive to meet up in person. I don't mind at all.
Same here--West LA! (Pico-Robertson/Beverly Hills area)