Looking for a LA Content Creator/Editor for Long term partnership/collaboration

Hello, I am currently looking for an editor or a content creator that knows how to edit videos for a long-term partnership/collaboration.

Goal: The goal is to create a channel from scratch on Tik Tok and Instagram and grow it/transform it to a business. Although the goal will be to create a sustainable business model eventually, I want to grow it by providing real value and quality content. This will be an opportunity to grow creatively and financially.

The channel: I have a few ideas in mind in the realm of business as well as lifestyle. For the lifestyle one I have an idea that is more towards the motivation side but showing the beauty in both the good and the sad moments. I want to show this through music and strong visuals. I am open to other ideas and industries as well. Max working on 2 accounts.

The creator/editor: Need to be LA-based. Looking for a professional who can create engaging content with experience creating reels with animations, transitions, music sync, etc. Will need to feel comfortable taking great video shoots as well as post editing.

About Me: I currently work in innovation consulting at a firm full time and part time as a Startup mentor at an MBA school. I am a past founder who has raised venture capital. I enjoy building things from scratch that have both a monetary and social impact. I was also recently on the show The Apprentice: ONE Edition. Besides my work experience, I am a long-time athlete that still trains with professional athletes.

Expectation: Building the quality videos and growing organically takes time, effort and strategy. I spend a lot of time in project management and goal setting. Therefore, I am looking for someone who is passionate about building and the journey without seeing the reward immediately. I expect having “shoots” a few times per month and at least a weekly sync.

Further items such as profit share, account types, etc will be discussed and mutually agreed upon at a later date. If you are interested in exploring the opportunity, please feel free to reach out and we can set up a time to chat and eventually meet. Please feel free to also send some examples of content you have created.

@kee is a video editor who does work in LA (though based in London), @MorganLucas not sure if you're in LA but maybe smth you are familiar with! @sarahganzman has done a number of things in visual arts, tech so maybe a fit (though I am unsure), she's in LA! same with @aoguratraxler @caitlinjimenez and then of course, therwise @annamiller is in LA and may know people
Thanks Iynna - Unforch I'm not in LA :(
ooh okay! dang it!