Calling all female tech founders!

Hi ladies! I recently pivoted from a 9-5 tech career to ghostwriting exclusively for female tech founders on LinkedIn. It's incredibly inspiring when I see women killing it by starting a business and paving their own path! So I'm building my business to help theirs.

My goal is to help these founders build a strong personal brand and get the recognition they deserve! Women struggle with self-promotion, so I want to help them get noticed through authentic content creation and a targeted engagement strategy. This will make them magnetic to attract leads and opportunities to them, such as inbound DMs from client prospects or opportunities to be a guest on a podcast or speak on a panel (who wouldn't want that?).

I'm conducting research by scheduling 15-minute Zoom calls to better understand female tech founders' main challenges and pain points:

-Is it getting VC funding?

-Is it navigating a male-dominated industry?

-Is it trying to balance work, family, and everything in between?

If you or anyone you know would be interested, I'd be incredibly grateful!


Jenny Lustig

do you only do it for women tech startup founders? how about those building funds? 🥺 asking for a friend...
Hi Iynna! I could see potential to help women who are building funds as well. If you can send me more information about your friend that would be great. Thanks!