Does therapy or wellness apps help you cope with the stress?

As a founder and family caregiver, balancing work & home is hard. The amount of stress, sleepless nights, & arguments are taking their toll.

Can you relate?

If you tried a therapy, meditation, sleep, or mindfulness app, please share how it helped or not.

  1. What is your story using therapy & wellness apps?
  2. What do or did you need to do overall?
  3. What made you buy/cancel a premium subscription?

Please DM or sound off below. 👇🏾

Here’s my calendar link if you prefer a 1-on-1 chat.

I’ve downloaded them (eg Calm, Headspace) but quickly forget them. I prefer YouTube videos to relax and manage my stress at the moment. Doing yoga with Adrienne or watching people eat food! Based on people’s comments, I believe others are similar!