Hi Elphas -I'm sharing a new project of mine that I'm hoping some of you will find value in.I recently transitioned to a VC role after working on the operating side of a growth start tech start up for several years, and I've been surprised by the lack of process automation leveraged by VCs. This falls in stark comparison to the typical venture-backed startup, where a ton of emphasis is put on automating tasks in marketing, sales, customer success and product in order to drive revenue and increase margins.The lack of automation within VC is often chalked up to the fact that investors don't want to spend their time thinking through system design and building out intricate processes. It's a fair point, as their time is probably better spent meeting with founders, fundraising, supporting their portfolio companies, and building their brand.This week, I launched "Automatter" on Substack, where I will be providing actionable advice for VCs who are looking to automate the mundane, repeated parts of their job. As someone whose passionate about democratizing and diversifying venture, I am especially excited about the value this resource will provide to emerging fund managers who typically have little to no back office or admin resources.If this is a topic that interests you, I would so appreciate it if you subscribed and shared with your network. I'm also eager for feedback, questions, and ideas for future topics - so please feel free to send me a DM here or on Twitter.Thanks!Halle
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