Looking to interview women in Elpha about their relationship with growth & change

Hi everyone! I'm Kelly, and I'm looking to talk to growth-seekers who are looking to make a change, want something more, or are dissatisfied with some area of their life but know that they can impact their outcomes.

Specifically, I'd like to learn about your relationship with growth/change and get your help with doing some message testing around these topics. I'm asking for 1-hour of your time (via zoom) in exchange for either a $50 gift card or donation to the Collective Impact Fund [link]. If you're interested, please respond below and let me know - I'm looking to do these interviews in Dec and Jan!

I'm doing this work as part of a user research project for Topknot (Not important for you to know the company - in fact, better if you don't so we can have a more candid conversation :) ). But also having candid real conversations and hearing people's stories is something close to my heart - so I'm secretly happy to have this excuse to reach out to you all.

I'd be happy to participate!
@kellyhliu would be happy to participate.
I’m happy to talk!
Happy to chat!
@kellyhliu this sounds like very meaningful research and I'd love to participate!
Happy to participate!
So down to do this! I love talking about all things growth! Would love to catch up :)
I would be happy to talk!
@kellyhliu appreciate what you’re doing, happy to participate👍🏾
🙋🏻‍♀️ happy to take part!
Count me in!
Happy to chat ☺️🤗
Happy to help! 🤗 This is important research to shed light on.
If you're still looking for more participants, happy to help!
@kellyhliu If you still need more participants I'm keen. It might help me solidify my own thinking!
@kellyhliu happy to help if you're still looking for volunteers!
Happy to help Kelly!
Thank you everyone! I'm all set now - thanks all for your help :)