Moving Back to Ghana to Build a Start-Up

I started my PhD program in 2011 and by 2013, I felt disillusioned, compounded by several personal struggles. After searching within myself, I came to the realization that perhaps, I had pursued academia, not because I believed it was my purpose and destiny, but in an effort to make my mother, who sacrificed immensely and single-handedly raised me - proud. I needed to take a step back, re-center myself, and evaluate the choices I have been making. Coincidently, a close family member was due to get married in Ghana and that provided me the opportunity to take the much-needed break I required to get some clarity on my life’s direction.

I enjoyed my time in Ghana and while there I landed a job far different from what I had done before; working with an international organisation. Through this job, I began networking and forming relationships that opened doors in freelancing for me - helping clients on various projects as project manager, client liaison, and such. I realized my vast potential, which strengthened my resolve in my decision to be in Ghana.

Fast forward 9 years, I’m wrapping up a consulting project with an international development agency in Germany, navigating through the new working norm brought on by COVID-19 as well as raising my child alone far from my family in London. I returned to freelancing as a means to not be so isolated and my work involved restructuring project delivery for clients, project consulting, and software development. As time went on, I became overwhelmed by the volume of work which presented an opportunity to formalize what I do - this birthed Hiedberg in March 2023.

Hiedberg is the holding company for Hiedberg Consult and Kodeera. Hiedberg Consult specializes and offers expertise in data analytics and business insights using AI technologies as well as project consulting and training workshops in business operationalisation. Kodeera is a technology consulting firm that offers innovative solutions and expertise in software development to empower businesses and drive digital transformation - building custom web and mobile applications.

It’s been a crazy year of bootstrapping, growth, and pivots but we are excited for what 2024 will bring! 😊

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Congratulations Miriam and thank you so much for sharing this really inspiring journey! What was your PhD in initially and do you think that field informed your work today with Hiedberg? And at what point did you think it was the right fit to jump and formalise your freelancing work? Separately @AdrianneReiners might find your story interesting and might even want to connect as she is exploring her own path to do more freelancing! for context
My PhD was in immunology. I researched urea plasma effects on preterm delivery. So, completely unrelated to what I do now at Hiedberg! 😂My trajectory into international development was purely coincidental. This led me on my path to freelancing and then building Hiedberg.I'd love to connect with her and others! Thanks, @iynna!
Thank you so much for tagging me in here! What a beautiful story of finding and building your own way of working, @miriammaccarthy!! Hearing things like this remind me to listen to my gut and follow my passions & goals! Congratulations on Hiedberg & Kodeera!
Thanks, @AdrianneReiners! I appreciate the kind words. 😊