Product Marketing Alliance Pro+ Membership - worth it?

Hi! I'm a marketing generalist who wants to get into product marketing. I want to get a Product Marketing Certification but saw that Product Marketing Alliance's Pro+ Membership includes this plus a LOT more.

Is it worth it? Would love to get some first hand experience or thoughts.

I am not in PMM but I found the G2 reviews & Trustpilot reviews - they're pretty great! Eager to see what others think though!
The Product Marketing Alliance is an awesome community with lots of resources—free and for purchase!You don't need a PMA certification to get a job in Product Marketing or to advance in your Product Marketing career.Going from a "marketing generalist" to a "Product Marketing Manager" the biggest thing that made me feel like I was doing the PMM job was having access to templates and playbooks I could use to repeat parts of my work easily. There are lots of places to get access to launch playbooks, frameworks, messaging maps, etc. but I imagine the PMA membership includes access to some standard ones that would be valuable if you're starting from scratch without a mentor. Personally, I probably wouldn't throw down $1,300 for a cert or even $500 for an annual membership BUT if you can get your company to pay for it out of professional development, it might be a good use of those resources.