Hello all!

Is your resume not getting you the attention you deserve?

I own a resume and career coaching business and would love to offer the members here a completely FREE, no strings attached, resume review and analysis. We will analyze your resume for the top issues that get resumes rejected by both ATS algorithms and hiring authorities.

Send your resume to [email protected] and mention the word 'ELPHA' for $30 off if you decide to use our services after your analysis.

Hi Denise! Thank you for doing this. We have a few Elphas who have expressed a career transition or a desire to find new roles, so tagging them all here in case resume review is something they'd consider too:@ElenaC @venetian80 (if you still need), maybe @meganhvasta @leannamcogg @lycaconstantino @Lean @arielt @RachaelCPlotkin
Thank you so much for thinking of me! I'll send an email now.
Of course ladies! 1000% gotchuuu
Thanks so much for thinking of me!! So kind of you! @iynna
Of course!!!
Wow, thank you so much for thinking of me!
Sending you an email now!
Hi Denise, thank you so much for this opportunity! I tried submitting a resume but I got an error message stating that the form can only be viewed by the users in the owner’s organization and to contact the owner of the form. Could you please assist with this? Thank you in advance!
Can you please email it to: [email protected] He will do an analysis and return it to you via email. Thanks!
Thank you Denise. Sending you an email now!
Thank you, Denise. I sent you an email. Appreciate this!
Thank you @iynna for this connection! And sending you an email now @deniselevine
Thank you Denise!