EASY APPLY is NOT your friend!

This seriously drives me insane!

Here is a job listing for a Senior Business Process Analyst. As you can see, 549 people chose to hit the EASY APPLY button. Two months later, the job is still open. Why?

Well, in a Job Search Process you should be reading the whole job description, not just hitting a button. As you can see, the recruiter actually says, Qualified candidates should EMAIL her.

One of the reasons our clients get hired quickly is because we teach them HOW to apply.

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I'd make it harder for people to apply by not having easy apply as an option on my job posting. That is an option. People will be primed to hit that button because why do more effort for someone who will probably not even dignify you with a rejection email? I know I've emailed people who have listings like that and have gotten no response.
Generally speaking not reading the full JD won't really work in the applicant's favour. Also I'd not really think 2x about the number of applicants, its never really accurate since these companies are posting their jobs across platforms and getting all sorts of referrals.
Exactly. That is only the number who hit Easy Apply on LinkedIn. People who just hit Apply and think that constitutes applying for a job. It doesn't.
Thank you for calling this out though, i think it's a great reminder and hopefully bring some consolation to folks who might get nervous when seeing the number of applicants!