Is there a place where I can find help with reviewing my Resume and Cover Letters?

Is there a place where I can find help with reviewing my Resume and Cover Letters? I understand career coaches and others who provide similar services are also working individuals with businesses. I've had two experiences with such providers and I wasn't happy with it. I can't afford another career coaching or the like services right now and with previous negative experiences, I don't want to waste my time anymore.

I wonder if there are any generators or some kind of support where I can ask if X, Y, Z are good points to include?

I hope someone can help offer resources.

Thank you!

Hi There! As a career coach for women in tech, I offer intro calls that can support you get motivations and strategies to accelerate your job search. Happy to connect and see if I can provide any additional insight on your resume. DM me.
Hi, have you checked out You do have join as a member. Once you join, you can request to have your resume and LI review. You can then stop your membership. There are things you can do as a non paying member. There’s also a plan for $5 a month you get access to education. Good luck. I understand how frustrating it is to keep investing in these services. After many disconnects, I’m making a point to ask up front. I need help with this, and this, and this.
Enhancv, TopResume, or Leet Resumes are all great options!
If you're after resume and cover letter tips, check out Bass Ass Careers on YouTube and Instagram. Rosie really is fabulous with giving you sound advice and has a lot of free offerings too.For resume help, take a look at which will give you some sound advice too
Hey, @Contessa131! I'm working on launching a course focused on finding the next role that fits the lifestyle you want to live. The course focuses on strong systems from role identification to resume creation to cover letters and negotiating. If you'd be interested in checking out the course before it launches, I'd love to offer it to you for free in exchange for feedback! The course is built on my experience in Talent and Transformation, where I've helped build the recruiting and talent processes for some of the world's largest companies. Shoot me a message if this would be helpful!
I was kind of bummed in terms of help with resume/cover letter with the career coach I worked with. To be fair she said that wasn’t really her speciality. I stumbled upon a copywriter who was being recommended on a Linked in comments thread, and took a leap in checking her out. She wrote my resume and a cover letter where I can just swap out one paragraph to make it specific for each job. It was about half the cost of one session with the career coach and I was so impressed with what she put together. Best money I’ve spent in a whole. If you’d like her info let me know! She offers a free call to see if it’s a good fit and ask her any questions. Hourly fee for anything after that was really reasonable too. I’m going to keep using her while I job hunt.
Hi, I can feel your frustration. I've been there too. Have you explored having your resume reviewed by peers in the role you are targeting? That's an option. I also use these other resources to optimize my resume: - https://resumeworded.comHappy to do a peer to peer resume with you too. Feel free to DM me on LinkedIn:
At my uni, they offered free resume reviews for students/alumni which was cool and something I definitely used. Personally, I can’t really imagine myself paying for resume reviews.