You need to do this before asking for a raise.

This is for all my ladies who are ready to call in:

💸more money

⌚more freedom

🏖️more benefits

💜more of what you deserve.

I feel you, I'm here for you, let's get you that raise!!!!

BUT you can't go in without a game plan. ❗❗❗❗

The Game Plan 🏁:

1. You need a summary of all of the projects you've taken on and their r͟e͟s͟u͟l͟t͟s͟.

If you can use numbers, especially dollars, that's going to carry a lot of weight.

2. Answer this: where do you see yourself growing in the company in the next 6-12 months?what projects do you want to take on? What gaps have you noticed that you know you can fill?

3. Present yourself as the solution to all of these gaps.

4. Know exactly how you'd like to be compensated and come prepared not just with your salary, but additional variables that can be negotiated like paid time off, subsidy for continued education, travel reimbursement, a budget for a career coach ;)

Make it as easy as possible for your employer or manager to hand you that raise.

P.S. How long would you wait before asking for a raise at your company? Tell me in the comments 👇


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