Advice for someone looking for a new marketing role after being put on furlough due to Covid-19

Hi! Due to a dramatic drop in business from Covid-19, I was put on an extended furlough while working as a marketing manager for Marriott International. Because of this setback, I was forced to move back to Texas after living in NYC for the past 10 years. Therefore, I'm now having to look for a new marketing opportunity, ideally based in Austin, TX or remote. If anyone has advice on how to best set myself up for success to look for a new job in a new city during such a tumultuous time, I'd so appreciate it! I'm also considering trying to set myself up as a freelance or contract worker, but do not have any experience in that area. I'd welcome any advice that you have! Thank you! Bailey
Hi @baileybillups -- I'm sorry to hear about the furlough :-(I'm supporting a COVID19 Jobs project to help people get back to work. You can check it out here, and sign up for a free profile:, I was talking to a VC today who is Austin-based and their portcos are all hiring for Austin talent. Happy to potentially make a double opt-in intro if they're hiring for marketing roles. DM me if you want to go that route.
Hi @melissazmoore! Thank you so much for replying to my post. I appreciate you informing me about the jobs project - I look forward to looking into it! I'll DM you re the VC firm. Thank you!
Not sure what kind of marketing you are into but my friends at double up are hiring (remotely)
Hi @veronicap - Hope you are safe and well. Thank you so much for passing this along! I'm excited to look into the opportunity!