Looking for a Writing Community + New Copywritting Gigs

Hi Elpha Community! This writing post is two fold. First, I'm trying to build up my copywriting portfolio / also just find more writing gigs. Does anyone have a suggestion of where to look for good copywriting jobs for an entry-level/junior copywriter? Second, I miss writing! Does anyone know of any great writing communities that I could join? I'm looking to find a peer community to practice - sharing prompts, peer editing/evaluating, portfolio building, etc. Thank you!
Hi Bailey, Depending on where you live/are looking for work I would recommend finding recruiting agencies that specialize in creative or marketing work & reach out! I'm also happy to do a Portfolio review for you anytime if you'd like. Catchafire is a great org that pairs you with non-profits looking for help, like Copywriting or Writing. You'd be volunteering your skills but it is an awesome way to do some good and expand your portfolio.
@VictoriaHolliday - Thank you for this great advice! I'm in touch with a few recruiting agencies now, but I haven't heard of Catchafire, so I really look forward to looking into it. I appreciate you offering to porfolio review. I need to work on building it out further, but I may take you up on that offer in the near future. Thank you again!
Hi Bailey -- Are you familiar with the Binders groups on Facebook? If not, check those out. There are a bunch of different ones for different kinds of writers and categories, as well as one main one. They are FULL of great contacts, gigs, writers supporting writers, etc. Good luck!!
Hi @lorrainesanders - I'm not familiar with Binders groups - thank you for the recomendation! I really look forward to looking into them and I appreciate your help here!
My partner is looking for copywriters now... can you send me a message with your writing samples & CV? Maybe there will be an opportunity for you :)
Thank you! Sending you a message shortly :)