Email newsletter tools

Hi Elphas! Any suggestions for email tools? I'm looking for attractive newsletter templates without coding + emailing tracking insights. We're just getting started. At most, we'll be sending 1 email per month to less than 100 addresses. As we build, the list will still be under 2500 addresses.For now, I'm considering Campaign Monitor as they have a low-cost option pay by campaign option @ $5/per campaign + $0.01 per recipient. Or there's Mail Chimp @ $0-$10/month, or Constant Contact @ $20/month (that seems a lot for such a small audience). Thanks in advance for your insights!
I use MailerLite. It’s $10/mo up to 1,000 I believe. Automations, landing pages and campaigns. Think you get a discount if you use my referral link, which I can send if you’d like.They use a drag and drop and templates for designing. I started out using one of theirs and then customized it to my brand and began saving them as templates I can use easily later.
Thanks for the tip! I'll check them out.
Most welcome!
I'd suggest thinking about your goals - and how the email newsletter is going to contribute to them - now and later.At this point, pretty much all solutions are going to tell you who opens your newsletter and whether or not they click through.Some things that might or might not go from "not need now" to "nice to have" to "must-haves" as your email marketing maturesm depending on your goals:- segmentation (interests, internal tags for different subscriber groups, lead tagging for outreach, if applicable)- website behavior tracking (are they reading your sales pages, or just browsing blog content?)- email sequences (from a welcome sequence for new subscribers to nurturing sequences for new sales)- automated email marketing (reengagement, follow-ups)In terms of design, MailChimp landing pages look very "meh," in my opinion. MailerLite is doing better in terms of design (easy + looks good).Hope this helps!
Great points! Thank you for the thoughtful feedback.