Urgent need of help

I'm reaching out in a moment of urgency and vulnerability, seeking help from the wonderful women in elpha who make up this supportive community. I find myself in a critical situation at home, where financial stability is paramount. Despite my continuous efforts to secure a job that aligns with my skills and provides adequate compensation, I'm struggling to make meaningful progress.

Over the years, I've dedicated myself to continuous improvement, honing my skills and expertise with each step forward. However, amidst personal challenges, I've found myself constrained by time limitations, hindering my ability to fully invest in my job search.

I've attached my resume for your review, and while I'm open to constructive feedback, what I truly seek is a referral or a job opportunity that could make a significant difference in my life right now. Your support could alleviate the burden I'm facing and provide much-needed stability for me.

I'm deeply grateful for the knowledge and support this community has provided me in the past, and I'm hopeful that by sharing my situation, I can find the help I desperately need.

Thank you for considering my plea, and I look forward to any assistance or guidance you can offer.

Hey anon! I don't think your resume was attached - can you share the link to it or your linkedin? We'd love to see if anyone in our community could help make a connection or support.
+1 to what Teresa said! Feel free to share your LinkedIn + CV and roles you're focused on, so we can tailor the support we give.
Linkedin: you so much for your response and for your willingness to help. The support from the community regarding job referral would make a big difference. (I was facing an issue while adding links or replying from the previous account as it was a non-member account.)
Hi there! A couple of points for you to consider for your resume and profile.1) Declutter and structure from top to bottom in order of importance to make it easy for the reader to pick out the key points and understand what you are about. An opening statement summarizing your strengths and aspirations would also help2) Ensure that the prospective hiring team understands what you can offer, and how you could fit into their team by translating your achievements into benefits for the hiring company.3) Consider creating a portfolio page to showcase your tech abilities - ideally there'll be a common thread running through rather than just being ad hoc projects - this ties in with point 1 above.4) Leverage your network (e.g. from your volunteering work, college contacts) for referrals and recommendations on potential openings.5) If you want to showcase your ability to work with clients, and solve their problems, consider signing up to a platform like Upwork to get some paid work experience based on the specialisms that interest you careerwise.Hope this helps and good luck!