Product Management + Mental Health: Where does therapy fit in for you?

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That's really insightful! As a PM myself, I could definitely see that. Communication and understanding is such a huge part of the PM role, dealing and negotiating with people requires a level of awareness. I think therapy could help with managing those emotions and build awareness and empathy.
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Hey Abi, I’ve always used therapy as and when I need it and I’ve tried multiple types. CBT therapy has definitely helped me as a PM - in times where anxiety is running high because something unforeseen has happened, the skills I’ve picked up with CBT have helped me to rationalise my thoughts. I’ve always had pretty high EQ but therapy also helps you to empathise with other teams and skill sets (especially the ones that can be fairly difficult stakeholders ;) ). One area it’s helped me has been when I’ve dealt with teams in other countries where their ways of working and comms styles are SO different. I will say though, I also find solace in speaking to other PMs about their shared experiences because a lot of people don’t know the details and pressures of our job in the same way. I use these times with PMs to speak in more specific terms about challenges or learnings. I find this a mix of therapy but also coaching. Happy to chat further on the topic! Shoot me a DM if you wish