In search for my dream co-founder: is that you?

Hey again!! 😄

I'm Miranda, a creative designer (now more focused on UX/UI) based in London. 23 years old, animal lover, lived in 3 countries and an ex-frustrated flatmate.

Why do I say that?

Because my idea will change the way people look for flatmates and flats in London, or in any European capital in a later stage.

But of course, I need a little push from you, my potential co-founder :)

I would like to find a person who lives in or around London (so we can work together and in-person) and has the same passion and experience about the subject. As I only have done the design of the project, as well as the strategy, my ideal person would have technical and startup


For me what is important is good energy, dedication, and curiosity to make things different along our path together.

All the best,

Miranda Seidl

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Hi Miranda!So exciting that you are looking for a potential cofounder, and glad you came here :) I also wanted to direct you to this
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Hi Miranda! Also check out YC's co-founder matching platform:
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Thank you so much! I have been using ycombinator but it's so rare to find women there :(
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I second that! I tried to find co-founders there, no women are there :( we need one platform for that! :)