Yearly Review

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow I have my yearly review for the first time and I was wondering what type of suggestions can you make to your manager. Can I ask for a salary raise or is it just a more informal conversation about your progress?

Thank you so much!

Some companies already have an idea of what comp changes/raises they'll be giving employees and what's in the budget ahead of performance reviews, while others might view this as a check in before deciding, so just be cautious of that. I'm all about transparency though, so if you feel comfortable with your manager, be open and candid about your needs :)A couple of recommendations: - come prepared with a list of your accomplishments ($ or time you saved the company, metrics you hit/surpassed, projects you spearheaded that made an impact, etc.). -- this can also be used as evidence justifying why you deserve a raise or comp increase- if there's anything you're looking to do more of or less of (certain projects you'd want to work on, get on schedule for a promotion, etc,) this would be a good time to chat about that and expectations - talk about career progression and leveling framework if that's of interest
Oh and here is a good article from Ellevest on ways to prepare: