Help I Need Portfolio Case Study Feedback

Hi! If you have some time I would be super grateful to get some portfolio feedback. I have a few Jon interview activities coming up and want to be prepared.

I am going out for UX, Service Design, and Product Design positions

If you would be interested in giving me feedback on the casestudies please comment and I'll send a link. I would appreciate knowing

1. What is working?

2. What is confusing?

3. What do you wish you knew?

4. Anything that you feel like was too much or needed more background.

If you would like q portfolio review in return please let me know!

I loved poking around and it's really fun to see so much personality come through in the design of your portfolio itself!One feedback I have would be to show more of your process work. For this project for example, - what were the colours and styles you had considered? What was your decision process?All of this would help inform people evaluating your portfolio your process in coming up with a final solution!