Looking for a life coach

I am a black woman in tech that has been working for 2 years now in the industry. I am also a mentor and entreprenuer. One thing I have really lacked in my industry is mentoring and I have struggled to find and maintain that.

As I have gone on this journey I have realized I would benefit from the help of a life coach as I chart the path to get to where I want to go. Does anyone have any recommendations for life coaches they have used or where they would theirs.

Hi Ariellee,I am a Life, Career & Well-being Coach for professional women and moms! If you are still looking, I would love to schedule a chat with you to learn more about you and what your looking for. Send me an email ([email protected]) and we can take it from there!
Hey there, I have used Hailey Patry of the Lifted Lid in the past and she was incredibly insightful and used relevant exercises to move our work forward. She does life and business coaching, remotely - check out her site.
Depending on what kind of coaching and support you were looking for, I might be able to help you out.I am a brave life catalyst and self rescue coach, author and speaker for worn out working wonder women.My specialty is helping you learn how to master the art of self rescue so you can live, love, lead, and work in a brave-hearted way that doesn’t lead to self sacrifice.What makes the work that I do unique is that I can help you get to the root cause of any self sabotage that you might be struggling with using a very specialized type of cellular release work that I do with my clients.I’ve also developed a six step process for becoming your own hero and mapping out your very own self rescue roadmap!If you’d like to learn more you can visit my website at while you’re there be sure to sign up for a complementary self rescue toolkit, which will help you identify any self sabotage that you might be dealing with and the self rescue roadmap that will lead you to greatness! If you decide that you would like to learn more, you can also sign up for a complementary 15 minutes self rescue assessment call with me as well! 😊
Hi @ariellee, I'm Rachel Serwetz, an ICF-certified career coach. My background is at Goldman Sachs & Bridgewater Associates, before moving into the career space to systemetize my novel career exploration and job search methods and tools. My mission in life is to ensure people feel supported in making critical, impactful career decisions. These decisions can feel stressful and tough, but with the right support (which you deserve), you can feel relieved, excited and confident in your next steps. I have been coaching hundreds of professionals and have developed unique processes and frameworks so that you can confidently clarify your ideal career direction, efficiently job search and/or navigate career development in your organization to forge a fulfilling career. Happy to chat directly and see how I can help! Free initial coaching call here --> Best,
In addition to the glowing recommendations you already received, @MichaGoBig and @nancymaher might be able to help?
Thanks for the shout-out, @iyanna! @ariellee, I'd love to talk. Feel free to get on my calendar as well: (Personally, I am a big fan of talking to a few coaches before you make a decision.)
Oh, and if you want to check out my website:
Thanks for connecting me @iynna 😊@ariellee great to meet you. I would love to connect. My passion is supporting people on their journey within the tech industry. I've been in tech for 25 years in all kinds of roles and countries. I'm accredited with the EMCC as a Senior Practioner in mentoring and coaching. As @MichaGoBig says - it is important to chat with a few coaches/mentors to find the right fit. Calendar - - or DM me on LinkedIn.Website - are so many awesome people on this platform I am sure you will find the perfect mentor/coach.
KJ is the best! Helped me through several transitions - into entrepreneurship and out.[email protected]
@ariellee - you'll love Deborah. She's amazing. | [email protected]