Looking for test groups for AI driven team coach as a service

Hi! 👋

I’m Anna from Finland 🇫🇮 and I’m the founder of Foxie ( 🦊 Foxie is AI driven team coach as a service and we have teams using Foxie in IT agencies, creative offices and private health sector.

We are still an early stage startup and need more test groups and feedback. It would be great if we could find new test teams through Elpha community. 🙂

Do you have a group of people (4 to 15 people, for example a startup team) which would like to cooperate better and understand each other more deeply? It would be awesome if you would like to test our digital service for free for one month.

Foxie is a team coach that will

👉 give tailored help to your team

👉 make your team aware of things to improve

👉 guide your team’s members to work together to find solutions

You can start your team's free Foxie-journey for one month from our website: or by sending me an email: [email protected]

Thanks in advance! 😊