Seeking advice on a CV!

Hello elpha community! I'm about to write my first CV. Up to this moment, I've only had to create resumes so writing a CV is something new for me.

Has anyone used a template for CV's or perhaps have any advice?

Thank you!


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Is this for your job search or for something more research/academic? Asking because if the former, to be quite frank, I have seen people using the term interchangeably, and most employers don't want something that's more than a page to a page and a half (unless you have like over 10/15 years of experience). I am currently in school and everyone agrees (employers included) agree with that approach. And to answer your question Obviously if you are going for something that would display more of your academics, then I will let other chime in :)
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Hi iyanna! It is for academics ☺️
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Ha! My understanding from friends who did it is to detail their research, conferences they've spoken at, papers they've written. You can find some template on internet (or better yet go to any university website and search for a template).The other piece to do is, as you narrow down the programs you plan to apply to (in case you are thinking about grad school), I'd reach out to current students and ask for their take on it too, on top of all the research you are doing :) so you can have all the set of info you need!Also tagging @Kebar who has her PhD and now work in industry, so may be able to chime in !