Growing into a management role

Have any of you moved from a senior title but then moved to lead instead of manager? I've had my manager tell me I don't have the skills yet for management so instead promoting me to a lead role. When I asked what that role entails he mentioned a lot of the things I already do.

I'd be interested in hearing about your growth into management.

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Hi Anon, I'm in the middle of a transition from an individual contributor to a manager with no lead step in between. Interestingly, the hiring manager mentioned the interim lead role route to me during the process but stated it is not how the company I'm with operates. Message me if you'd like to chat.
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I'd LOVE to know more about the skills he thinks you are currently lacking and WHAT you should do to hone them/how can he groom you into it :)If he is a good manager he will have answers and might be able to give you suggestion or set a plan with you!