3 tips on finding flow as a founderFeatured

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Really resonating with this as "effortless action" is something I strive for. I hadn't considered my cycle for scheduling different types of activities! This is inspiring me to keep better track so that I can schedule around it. Thank you very much, Wenlin!
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Really liked the point on shifting "I should" to "I could" -- subtle difference but the impact is quite large now that I say it out loud.
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Personally I keep a pocket version of the Tao Te Ching along my notebooks and sketchpads. It's full of sticky notes and highlights and on my computer I keep a digital version that I rewrote in my own words along with insights I gained from it, organized not my chapters but by topics. I have devoured this timeless guide. It holds the very wisdom of nature brought into human form and applied to social context. It is deeply profound and applicable. I consider it original spirituality, not a path to some abstract creator but the union with nature, the source of creation itself. Whenever I'm at a crossroads, I reference it. It helps me proceed with clarity.
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Yay I'm not the only oddball *ahem* person who reads Dao De Jing!