Looking for Elphas who want to become self-employed

Hi Elphas!

As a side project I'm working on, I'm looking for 10 Elphas who match the following:

  • You are currently employed full-time
  • You wish to leave your full-time role and become self-employed in a service-based role e.g. Coaching, Training & teaching, consulting, etc.
  • You want to start but don't know how OR You've started but feel overwhelmed / lost

I need your help to fill in a 5-7 min quick survey. This information will be used to build a new program to help women like you go from employee to self-employed.

Happy to offer my time in return - a 30 minute 1-on-1 strategy session, product feedback, or whatever that may be helpful for you.

If this sounds like you and you're interested in helping out, please reply below & I'll send you the details.

Much gratitude 🙏


Happy to fill in the survey, if I match the criteria. I am somewhere on the journey, but also not very sure if I am on the journey πŸ˜…
Sent you a pm Kalindi!
Happy to fill in the survey
Dmed you Mariana!
Hi! I’d love to participate. Currently working FT and building my own business!
Dmed you Lauren!
Also happy to fill out the survey, but not sure if I fit the service-based requirement. I’m looking to freelance as a video and content producer.
Hi brooke, thanks for offering to help, sent you a msg
that sounds very fascinating! @AdrianneReiners might find this interesting and long shot but maybe @bridgetcogley too
Thanks Iynna!
you got it!
Sure. Why not. Hit me with the survey!
thanks Gigi, dropped you a msg!
I am happy to complete the survey!
thanks Naome, dropped you a msg
I’m interested
Messaged you!
Happy to fill in the survey, Wenlin!
Messaged you!
Love to help with the survey!
Messaged you!
I’m interested as well!
Messaged you :)
I am not one of your target audience (I am already self employed for several years and loving it!) -- but I would like to know how your initiative went, and if you find it helpful, I am happy to chat. My interest in knowing about your journey (of offering this survey and the project) is purely academic. (i.e. not meaning to compete in any way). The main reason for this is that, I have received a lot of "interest" from women about my chosen path but not many have actually taken the plunge, and I have some insights/nuggets into why that happens. Anyway, wish you the best!!
Messaged you :)
I’m interested too.
Messaged you :)
Interested! Happy to complete the survey
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I just quit my job a week ago but otherwise, this sounds just like me :) Let me know if my input would be helpful.
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Let’s do it! :)
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