What were your past limiting beliefs?

Jobhunting teaches you a lot about yourself. I am currently pivoting careers and actively looking and realizing that the thing that is most challenging about this process is the things that you don't know what you don't know. The unknown-unknowns. The limiting beliefs.

And as someone whose parents never worked in the corporate world, it feels like this entire path is littered with unknown-unknowns!

So I thought this would be a cool place to try to crowd source some wisdom in case anybody else could uncover some of their blind spots or glean some helpful advice. I'll go first with some Limiting beliefs that were holding me back:

1) "It's embarrassing to ask for help."

Sometimes stumbling on the right opportunity just boils down to asking. People do it all the time. There is absolutely a professional way to text your friends, post on your Instagram story, post on Twitter, and post on LinkedIn that you are looking for new opportunities.

2) "People only want to help you if you've helped them before."

A lot of people want to help, even help complete strangers, for no other reason than that it feels good. As long as you're professional, grateful, and gracious, there's no reason not to accept their help.

3) "Casting a wide net leads to more opportunities."

While flexibility is definitely a good thing, sometimes casting too wide of a net undermines someone's confidence in you. When you are in the middle of a job hunt come up with some key terms and phrases that really illustrate what you are looking for.

What are some more?

As an only child of immigrants who also never held corporate jobs, I feel you! I went through this process a few years ago when I finally made a career pivot and it was literally like going to therapy. My limiting belief: I'm not good enough.OY the unpacking here stemmed from how I was raised which of course is the core of all the things...but I worked through it and now know that I am not only good enough, but I'm really fucking good. :D(of course, we won't discuss the imposter syndrome that never goes away and the constant second-guessing, but I try to own the positive as well lol)
Oh, how I hope that people chime in here! I love your phrase that 'pivoting is like therapy'. I'm in a pivot as well, and my joke is that this process is giving me so many opportunities for personal growth. Here are some of the beliefs I've had to challenge:1) "That No is personal."I've been turned down for So. Many. Jobs. Several of them after I'd gotten all the way to the end of the interview process. It's hard to not internalize. For me, consciously framing those rejections in a way that is less personal is helpful. Maybe that means I remember it's a numbers game, and the 'no' gets me closer to my eventual 'yes'. Maybe it means that I stick to trying to control only that which I can and let go of what I can't. Right now I buy myself my favorite lunch every time I get a rejection letter. 2) "This isn't going to work."I've been actively applying for 4 months, and it feels like forever. I've had to create an alternant vision in which it is not my destiny to be job-hunting forever. Mine goes like this: Currently - I'm walking through a valley and I don't know the terrain, and it's kinda dark and cold. but at the end of this valley things open up, and I can see the landscape, and the sun comes out, and if I just keep walking I'll get there. Maybe it's silly, but it works for me. 3) "Who do I think I am?!"I have a group of long-time friends who aren't on the same journey that I am and don't understand why I'm reaching so far. There is the feeling that my ambitions are unseemly and desperate. This is part of why I joined Elpha! I have to keep reframing this moment in time as "I'm brave and ambitious, and I have the talent to back it up."So now I have a vulnerability hangover, but I'm pushing the button anyway. Here's to all of us Pivoters!